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Healthtech Case Studies

Emergency Assistance

When anyone goes through an emergency the first thing they would need is assistance from an expert to give them timely directions. That too during a medical emergency, every minute counts. Missing to collect appropriate data during an emergency can cause serious consequences

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Regimen Tracker

Patients undergoing chronic care and any intense therapies often experience heavy physical and mental pain. Not only the patients, healthcare staff including physicians and nurses often work long hours, dealing with complex cases and making critical decisions under immense pressure.

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Payer Insights

Payers go through a struggle to assemble the claims data resulting in less or zero insights on the network composition and leakages. Network leakages create a huge cost burden and churn of plan holders in the payer network.

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Health Plan Management

A health insurance plan can serve as a solution to deal with rising medical costs, but the real challenge that the plan-holder faces is while utilizing the plan benefits in the registered network.

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Health SignOn

Being one of the world's top Biotechnology companies is not so easy in terms of managing applications in different geographies and user bases. Since these applications manage different data points for different users, there is a huge amount of time lost in processing the data for the right application and for the right users with labels in their local languages.

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Drug Analysis

Drug manufacturing companies face a struggle in identifying the right amount of compounding being consumed by patients in their complete journey of any chronic disease like epilepsy leading to inconsistent production of the required compounds.

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Health analytics

Given how sparse the medical insurance industry is in the US, there are still inefficiencies to visualize projections of cost and care management. There are multiple discrepancies among employers, payers, providers and plan holders thereby resulting in delayed processing of claims and deferred care delivery

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Mobility Case Studies

Fleet Orchestrator

Cab operations team faces a lot of inconsistencies in the cab facilitation process right from onboarding of cabs, booking trips, chauffeur assignment, payments etc. Mainly, the current system lacked the efficiency required to streamline the demand-supply gaps due to incompetent and outdated techniques followed.

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Workforce Management

Our customer came up with a problem of site workers being inefficient in coordinating with their supervisors and being unaware of the danger zones in industries thereby risking lives.

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Last Mile Delivery

With business growth in the transportation industry, Intermodal carriers go through a struggle when following the traditional supply chain and logistics practices which involve too much manual intervention for document processing, tedious order allocation, poor visibility of financial operations, inability to scale and more.

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Edutech Case Studies

Institute Pivot

Many students aspire to graduate in world class foreign universities, but there are only a handful of right counsellors to guide them through the entire application process. Not many individuals are aware of the best fit overseas study options available for them based on their academic qualifications and their chosen field of study

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Gamified e-learning

Post pandemic, online learning has proven to be more convenient than learning in a traditional classroom. But content generating e-learning platforms experience frequent dropouts because of lack of engagement. Dropout rates from e-learning courses were documented around 25%–40% as compared to 10%–20% in on-campus courses. These e-learning platforms do not have any metrics to measure which courses are the appropriate ones for which audiences, resulting in large volumes of dead and unused content.

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IOT Case Studies

Utility Monitoring

Most Indian cities are severely water-stressed. Lack of information on consumption, leakages, and wastage hampers water conservation. Absence of a proper metering system for tracking and managing water supply leads to an increase in the acute wastage thereby consumers are prone to high valued bills.

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Smart Railways

Indian railways, which is one of the largest and complex ecosystems in the world, poses a significant challenge in the management and monitoring of resources. And water, despite being a critical natural resource, is wasted excessively in such densely populated areas

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Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchen concept is an expanding market in India therefore they are prone to face challenges in the management of assets and utilities. In a competitive market like this, inefficient and inaccurate monitoring of assets and utilities cause inconsistent bills across different vendors sharing the kitchen.

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Compressor Monitor

The compressor being one of the vital elements of any large industrial machine process, it requires a tiresome task of managing and monitoring it constantly. Especially when the crucial function of such a monitoring system is the compatibility with any industry process.

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