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Who We Are?

Ysquare is a digital product studio with a fusion of expertise in the areas of business analysis, creative & solution design, web and mobile app development, cloud implementations and data analytics. We are a team of young multifaceted experts who aspire to engineer visionary ideas and deliver impactful technology outcomes through a product engineering ideology.

We believe that visionary ideas are gifted by the Almighty to human minds for making this world a better place to live. When these ideas 'START with WHY', they become potential for successful outcomes. Simon Sinek and his 'START WITH WHY' is a key inspiration for the name 'Ysquare'.


At present, we empower founders and businesses by co-creating innovative digital solutions with the art of design thinking and the science of modern computing.

Our goal is to establish as an elite technology accelerator for startups & businesses just as the famous business accelerator Y-Combinator by creating multiple pathways and programs for any digital product engineering journey.


Competing with our own self is our mission for growth. Heard of TRP rating in Television? We wish to create such a rating inside our organization to continuously assess and improve.

We believe that product development is a never ending evolution & we are on a mission to facilitate our clients to experience new age digital experiences by emphasizing on

TRP - Transparency, Readiness & Perfection.

We leverage this ideology and continuously evaluate them to ensure unparalleled value creation for our clients.


Diverse skills with flexible models

Emphasizing your business needs transparently with detailed scoping & flexi-resourcing to manage efficient talent pool at all required times.


Modular legos with repeatable workflows

Emphasizing turn around time with ready to deploy reusable components to accelerate development life-cycle with confidence on quality.


Design thinking with continuous progress

Emphasizing Progress over Perfection to set the iterative mode on to the development life-cycle through design thinking approaches.

Mohamed Yaseen


“ Contribute as individuals &
Collaborate as a team.”

This is how we go about on our mission. At Ysquare, we nurture an inclusive and dynamic environment where our team feels belonged and resourceful. Our experience over the years in building finest product engineering teams has become one of our core strengths.


Strategic Advisory


Solution Advisory

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How can digital solutions be developed with a focus on creativity and excellence?